Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Sweetest Thing

Whether it’s end of the weekend blues, Monday procrastination, or sheer curiosity that got you to read this, I'm glad you are- because it’s around that time that January gets a little shook up. I think it’s safe to say that by this stage of the month, we’re all either repeatedly hung over, giving up on resolutions, in a new year funk, or majorly depressed about going back to work. The new year glimmer starts wearing off, or at least the complete optimism of it does. I'm really hoping that by reading this and taking on the challenge, you can keep that optimism and happiness glowing and growing.

The problem with news year’s resolutions is that they always tend to be long term, so that by the end of the second week you start losing interest or don’t make time for them anymore. I reckon one week challenges are the way to go, you put your whole heart into something and leave no room for excuses. So while you’re reminiscing about that six pack you’ll have by December, or your summer holiday to Spain, here’s your challenge for this week:

For just one week, focus on looking outside your life and at the people and things around you. I know you may think I’m going all airy fairy on you, but just hear me out. So many of our resolutions and goals focus on selfish needs, and we spend so much time worring about these things that we forget to appreciate what has been given to us. So instead of obessing about how thin you’re going to be by next summer, consider when you last stopped to take the time to help someone less fortunate. Pick your cause and do something for it; providing a warm meal for a hungry tummy may be how I choose to spread some love, but it could be anything- a visit to the SPCA if you love animals, a day spent with someone young or old who is without any family, going green and recycling, whatever motivates you to see the world in a new way! The idea is to remind yourself that there are much bigger things in life, that whatever your worries or concerns, you are reminded of how fortunate you still are. If you’re having a wonderful year and things are going swimmingly, then remember to share the happiness and positive energy.

Obviously, I really hope that we all spend more than just one week this year dedicating time and energy to a good cause, but it’s a start. I can hear some of my friends teasing me about my so-called Rhodes hippy-isms, but just you wait- when you’ve made someone smile through some small or big gesture, you’ll realise that the happiness you share with them is not just a fad. The Beatles had it right all along, all you need is love, so let this be the week of spreading lots and lots of love and happiness!

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Saskia Kuiper said...

Love it Lauren...much better way of looking at it!!! Hope your well! x