Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bring on 2012 please!

December is a funny time. It’s supposed to be about wonderful frothy feelings of festivity and carefree bliss, and there are a million advertisements, movies, celebrities, tv jingles and first-on-the-shelf-November-Woolies gammon to remind you about how you’re supposed to feel- problem is, not many people feel that way around December anymore. By the time the last month of the year arrives you’re either over-worked, broke, stressed, emotional, stressed, broke, unorganised or broke. And then you walk through the shopping centre on the first of December to sound of Christmas carols playing at a pitch louder than usual, but still at a sort of subliminal background pitch too, and you have a mild panic attack and begin hyperventilating. The endless list of things that need to get done starts to form in your head. You can see yourself running out of time and Christmas is still three weeks away. The days all blur into each other as you rush from work to shops to dinners, until the next thing you know, it’s Christmas eve and you’re rushing around spending your bonus buying ridiculously over-priced last minute gifts. Quite frankly, the only people these days that are really so blissfully happy all December long are those who are touring some exotic country sans extended family, those who will be getting a six figure plus bonus, or Nigella Lawson (because at this time of year, no one will judge you for using an extra vat of goose fat).

This festive season taught me, or rather reminded me, again just how similar love is to food. It comes in all shapes and sizes and forms, and everyone wants seconds (and the people who say they don’t really actually want thirds and fourths too). On top of that friends are really similar to food too; they also come in all sizes and forms, they pair well with pretty much any wine/cocktail/shooter, and having an extra large serving never ever makes you gain weight. Wow that was cheesy.... but considering I took a sabbatical all Christmas cheesy season long, I am allowed one or two Hallmark moments.

Actually, I had many epiphanies this December. I would love to ramble on about them all right here, but I will have nightmares about my lecturer shouting at me about rambling on and not sticking to the word limit/breaking things up into sections/link love etc :/ So I will leave it at your discretion. Below are some of my pearls of wisdom, may they enlighten you with their shinyness!

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